i’m just making random observations about my life. sometimes i try to be funny (to varying degrees of success) other times i am trying to be all serious and profound. sometimes i forget which.

if you happen to find what i say amusing or interesting or profound i’d love for you to say so. it’s gratifying. and that way i don’t feel like all this creative energy is just dissipating into the ether.

or something.

for the uninitiated:

klaus = my car. 1998 vw passat station wagon (aka the love of my life*)

hodie = my kid. 1999 mini-me. we do not mention her by name because we feel that reveals too much and creates a web-presence for her without her specific intent. we don’t like that idea much. we don’t know why we suddenly began referring to ourselves in the 3rd person plural. we thought it was a good idea at the time.

punctuation & capitalization: i am FOR the former** and against the latter. it’s an affectation, yes, but i’m running with it.

so, then…

*tied with my phone and books

**especially the elipsis…

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